Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 1 of Rocky's Birthday Singapore Trip

Just posting pictures I take.
Better blog entries to follow heheh.

Waiting in line for the tickets.

Excited to finally be through customs and all that jazz.

Mahar, look!  :-)

Waiting for the plane.  (Yes, Rocky moved his arm before I could document him seducing me at the terminal.)

The beauty of having a Kindle. You're never bored.

Still waiting (and getting sleepy).

Oh look, we're here already! Whee!

We met up with Mina and her partner at the airport (Quiznos was tempting us... oh Quiznos...) then we hit a hawkers in Sengkang for some authentic Singaporean food.  Rocky share a congee with his sister, and we both had Singapore chicken and some Sugar cane juice.  All in all, a wonderful first day.

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