Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 2 of Rocky's Birthday Singapore Trip

So from having arrived at the wee hours (yeah, I placed this in the other post...)
We of course got some sleep and woke up to a bright morning...
and I had to do work.
(Yes, again, while in a vacation trip.)

The siblings busying themselves while I rush through work.

There's a better pic.

Me with my morning hair.  

Gosh, I am frighteningly pale.

Let's try that again.

Time to get ready for today.  We're catching The Lion King!

Check it out.  We pack pretty light.

Two of our "kids" found a way to join us it seems.

Rocky navigating us through the MRT.

On the bridge to the ArtScience Museum!

The bridge is called the Helix, I think.  And yes, check out that banana on the buildings over there.

Take two, minus people we don't know.

Rocky still taking more pictures.

The only pic I decided to take of the Dali exhibit.
 I'll let Rocky's better pictures show you what you all missed.

Me as Tyrion.

Rocky and me as Jake the dog of Adventure Time.

Both of us auditioning for The Hobbit.

Oooo it is time to watch!
Actually not yet.  Still too soon.

My last picture for the day.
Because 1) Rocky takes far better pictures.
2) I kinda forgot to keep taking some by then hehehe.

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