Monday, April 19, 2021

Vlog Ep. 181: Delivery Adventures with Galaxy Trucker

This episode of #BaduyPride is all about Galaxy Trucker by Vlaada Chv├ítil and published by Czech Games Edition (CGE). We're happy that we were able to share the joys of the 2012 Anniversary Edition, which is how we broke into the hilarious world of this game universe.

We're celebrating a lot of the things that Tobie loves this week as a lead-up to his birthday on Sunday, and this is definitely a game that has always been near and dear to his heart. I will always remember how excited he was to finally get a copy of this game even though I had never heard of it before. But that didn't prevent me from falling in love with it as well and I rarely turn out a chance to fly a crazy ship barely holding it together just to see if I can.

While we chose today's topic, we're always open to suggestions! If you have ideas for future video discussions, feel free to fill out this Google Form and your idea may be featured as the focus for an episode!

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