Monday, September 14, 2020

Vlog Ep. 33: Gameboys Season 1

So we finally did a #BaduyPride live stream vlog episode about the amazing Pinoy BL series Gameboys and 30 minutes was barely enough to talk about all the things we like about the show and what we loved about this first season. But seriously, this is more than just another BL series - it's a well-written Filipino LGBT story told with the aid of some amazing actors and a very creative production team. 

It still blows my mind how they managed to film this show despite the constraints of lockdown and ended up with a piece of entertainment that is worlds better than some of the things we've seen come out of bigger studios and networks. It's a show that fully embraced this pandemic and found a way to incorporate it into their story in such a powerful and meaningful way while still delivering a fascinating character-driven love story at the same time. Thank you The IdeaFirst Company for such a brilliant show. We can't wait for Pearl Next Door and even more Gameboys!

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