Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Baduy Pride @ Twelve


This year marks our twelfth year together as a geeky couple and despite the global pandemic, I think we can still say that we couldn't be happier. As much as we're all under a lot of stress because of the unusual times we're all living in, we've also reinforced our bonds as partners. This is the only way we've managed to survive this extended quarantine situation as well as we have and how we continue to keep moving forward even when it feels like our world has ground to a halt.

I wish we could have arranged for a nice dinner somewhere or better yet a fun night with friends at O Bar. But instead, it has mostly been another busy workday save for the fact that I still got to surprise Tobie with a YouTube Music subscription. It's the little things that count, people!

Twelve years. 144 months. 4,380 days. 105,120 hours. 

Not necessarily numbers that make for good song lyrics, but they still signify something special. I can't imagine what my life would have been like had Tobie never entered my life. And I am forever grateful for how he has helped me become a much better person, and a much happier one to boot! And the past year has become a literal demonstration of how we're capable of surviving just about anything for as long as we have one another.

I love you so much, Tobie! Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for finding me. Thank you for choosing me in the way that I've chosen you. 

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