Monday, November 22, 2021

Vlog Ep. 293: Doctor Who: The Card Game

In honor of TARDIS Day being this week, this episode of #BaduyPride is all about one of the better Doctor Who tabletop games around, this being Cubicle 7 Entertainment's Doctor Who: The Card Game. Designed by Martin Wallace, this game supports 3-4 players (ideally) in a time-traveling adventure to conquer one another's locations or successfully defend your own locations from incursion. The game features a generous amount of images from the show depicting the different characters whether these are just different incarnations of the Doctor himself, his companions, and of course his diverse collection of enemies.

It's hardly the greatest card game out there, but it's one whose main reverse drafting mechanic nicely fits with the theme of the series. That plus how this second edition of the game nicely spans a lot of the Doctor Who adventures we think of most fondly, and this game still has a valued place in our collection. And at the very least, it generates some very interesting scenarios that may never come up in the actual show.

While we chose today's topic, we're always open to suggestions! If you have ideas for future video discussions, feel free to fill out this Google Form and your idea may be featured as the focus for an episode!    

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