Friday, November 19, 2021

Vlog Ep. 292: Encino Man and other Brendan Fraser Movies

Today's Friday night episode of #BaduyPride started as being about the 1992 movie Encino Man and expanded into a journey through Brendan Fraser's full movie (and television) filmography. This started as a way to make sure we didn't run out of things to say had we just talked about the caveman movie. 

While a little lengthy given we went over an hour, this episode made for a pretty fun experience as we discovered interesting Brendan Fraser projects that we had never heard of but will definitely try to make time to watch soon. And there are little things like movies that only one of us have watched and now we want to catch the other one up ASAP. 

While we chose today's topic, we're always open to suggestions! If you have ideas for future video discussions, feel free to fill out this Google Form and your idea may be featured as the focus for an episode!    

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