Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kylie Afterglow Observations

For those who have been following my other blog, you probably know how much of a regular I am at my favorite haunt, O bar Ortigas.  In many ways, I find myself loving the place for so many reasons, the least of which is the respectable level they treat their customers like me.

So, on the nights following the fabulous Kylie concert, I found myself at my favorite haunt asking the DJ to please play me more Kylie tunes.  The hangover for more Kylie, especially after her fabulous concert was there, lingering in me and demanding to be allowed to dance a bit more.  (Those who missed it, or miss it, can check out this playlist of the videos of the concert which Rocky was able to find on YouTube.  Enjoy!)  The previous night, he was nice enough to give me a cool remix of Get Outta My Way, Wow, All the Lovers, and Higher.  The following night had the same songs, minus Wow, in a different mix.  But the third night (yes, I hit O bar Ortigas three nights in a row) had only All the Lovers and Get Outta My Way but became more special when one of the O Divas performed Can't Get You Out of My Head.  It may sound small to have a bar play something you like but I guess for me it was a big thing since they were songs I asked them to play.  It was fun hearing the songs again, and even more fun dancing to her songs with the lights flashing all around.

But.  It still was nothing compared to being able to hold Rocky close, and dance slowly together as we sang "Especially for you" with Kylie during the concert.   Or going crazy on what felt like a wooden area that was about to give-way to our weight as we danced to Get Outta My Way,Wow, In My Arms, and Love at First Sight.    Kylie's songs, in both the timing of the release, and the lyrics of the song, actually coincide with moments in our lives which resonate at a more personal level.  There were times when I would doubt whether or not I was good enough to be the man to keep Rocky happy and all I needed to do was hear All the Lovers and remind myself Rocky thinks of me when he hears this song.  Or the times when I felt her songs were just reminding me how love should really be: passionate, naughty, honest, powerful and yet sometimes subtle.

Ever since the concert, as much as Rocky and I tend to get mushy, the mushiness seemingly have surged up to a new level.    Cuddling has become a dangerous hobby, with the bed transforming into a vortex of tangled limbs, soft kisses, and occasional giggles.  I catch him staring at me sometimes while I work, smiling like I was a non-Michael Bay live-action Transformers movie.  I find myself wanting to find more ways to make him smile each day, be it a stupid new "story" that the "kids" are up to, or just making sure I have something prepared for him to eat when he wakes up.  The afterglow of the concert is there and has added even another level of mushiness in every single day we are given.

And I didn't think that could be possible.

It wasn't that we were in that weird supposed lull in a relationship others seem to always talk about.  We weren't in need of any re-ignition of passion and romance that some talk about in movies or blog as a reason to consider open-relationships.    We already were in a relationship that exceeded all my expectations.  We already were sharing our passions, our interests, our dreams, our fears, and all the ranting, spite and other sides of the coin that exist without fear of not being understood.   To be blunt, we were already the envy of others' eyes.  But yeah, after the concert, things got even BETTER.

It was more us finding from Kylie a reassurance that yes, we were together in a relationship that was meant to be a tad more ideal than most, and yes, we were meant to be together.   And in many ways I guess it was something we needed to realize:  No matter how happy you already are, you CAN make it even better than today.

So yeah, this is me reaffirming that no matter what day it is, or where I go, All I See is you, love.  Kylie's songs are a reminder of how important it is you be with someone you truly deserve, and deserves you. You deserve someone who can honestly tell you, and you can honestly say to back, "All the lovers... That have come before... They don't compare to you."

I've been a good doggy.
I promise!
They don't, my Wocky.

And you can even ask people at O bar Ortigas.
Kung si "ano1" nga, I turned him down. :-)
Tapos si "ano2" kinagat ko.
Tapos yung mga "ano3," they have to go through you diba.

All I see is YOU.

1 This is NOT open for discussion on any blog.  :-P  For his sake.
2 I doubt he even reads blogs, so yeah, I can mention it is the same person who inspired this.
3 Those who are part of this know it is in reference to them.  Tee hee.


  1. Please put some RSS Feed on this wonderful couple-blog of yours for easy access. Talagang nag-search pa me sa YouTube ng mga MTV n'ya. In fairness, maganda yung "All The Lovers" n'ya. Daming boys sa background eh :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed the songs. Each song has a link to the video actually :-) I'll ask Rocky about the feed thing.

  3. Actually there's a default "Subscribe to Posts (Atom)" link at the end of all Blogger blogs, but I see your point. I've added RSS feed options to the sidebar to make it easier.

    Thanks for the suggestion and the continued support!


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