Friday, July 8, 2011

Being Baduy With Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue - Aphrodite Live Manila

On July 5, one of our lifelong dreams came true - to finally attend a Kylie Minogue concert. Even better, we didn't even have to leave the country to do so! It was right here in Manila at the Araneta Coliseum.

Rocky and Tobie at Kylie Aphrodite Live

This was officially our first concert together, which I suppose is a little achievement in itself. Sure, we've watched tons of movie premieres together and various stage plays and musicals to boot, but never a concert. Our first concert was almost one with The Killers, but it was cancelled at the last minute as the band opted to go on a personal hiatus. But I suppose that happened for a reason, as do a lot of things in our lives, especially since we got together as a couple.

Seriously, the stars have a weird way of aligning in our favor for the really important stuff. This was definitely one of those times.

I've loved Kylie my entire gay life - I tried to explain this over on the Geeky Guide, but even that post didn't fully capture what she means to me. And I doubt I'll ever find the words to perfectly capture that - but I'll certainly keep trying.

Rocky and Tobie at Kylie Aphrodite in Manila

But beyond me, Kylie has been pretty important to both me and Tobie as a couple. I guess she's also played a key role in our relationship given how he songs have reached out to both of us to tie us closer together. The triumphant message of All the Lovers really struck a chord with us both when we got together despite the complications at the time and even Get Outta My Way has some guilty fun tied in with that too.

So watching the concert was a very big thing for us - I'd go as far as saying this was definitely a bucket list item for us both. And to experience it together was something else entirely.

Kylie Minogue - Aphrodite Live Manila

Frankly, I'm still at a loss for words in terms of how to describe the night. It was emmotional, magical and everything else in between. All of it feels like a blur at times between my insistence to snap as many photos as possible while still taking time to dance in Tobie's arm to sing along with the rest of the Kylie fans who made it for the concert that night. And I have to admit, I'm pretty proud of the photos that I managed from our Upper Box A seats - who needs to shell out P15k for VIP seats given these photos, right?

But I probably would have had I the funds for that too, hehe. Oh Kylie.

Beyond the talent we've already come to expect from Kylie, the amazing sets, the fantastistic costumes and of course the amazing music, I felt that Kylie really tried to connect with the audience. She even deviated from her usual Aphrodite Live set list to humor the audience with two classics - Especially For You and Locomotion. After all, this was her first time in the country ever - "Naughty, naughty!" to quote Kylie herself.

Kylie Minogue Aphrodite Live Manila

It's already been a few days and I'm still feeling the aftereffects of that magically wonderful night. I catch myself smiling a lot more than normal, humming random Kylie songs throughout the day and most importantly truly feeling just how much I love Tobie and all that he means to me. I mean come on, this entry is just all mushy and gushy with me fan boying all over her - definitely not the typical kind of geeky pseudo-intellectual fare I try to come up with on most of my other blogs. But I don't feel ashamed at all - it's all part of Baduy Pride after all, right?

Oh yes, thank you so much Kylie for sharing yourself with Manila, and thank you for making the night unforgettable for all of us. And most of all, thanks for always being a beacon of hope for me and Tobie - a vibrant and beautiful remind of the power of love.

And so that all of you can share in the fun as well, here's a slideshow of all the photos I took that night. Enjoy and spread the Kylie love!

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