Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tobie + Rocky = Bert and Ernie

Not that long ago, a friend of ours gave a very simple comment:

And yes, thanks to that comment, we now have a new BaduyPride post!  

For those not familiar with the puppet duo, Bert and Ernie are popular characters of Sesame Street.  Frank Oz and Jim Henson created these two very close roommates who have so much differences that they still work things out together.   Like Laurel and Hardy, you got the tall skinny one and the shorter chubby one.

So yeah, I can see why my friend says he sees the two when he sees us.  With my lanky tall frame being a match for Bert, and Rocky nicely sliding into Ernie's figure, I guess I should be happy neither of us own striped shirts of that particular style (but that does become an interesting idea to dress up as come a Halloween party someday).   I do wonder however beyond the physical appearances, does he see how the two still do resonate us?  Rocky's much more intelligent and geeky than me (Bert) while I tend to be the more oddly creative one (Ernie).  Rocky likes collecting toys and books, and keeps them organized like Bert's paperclips.  I love animal toys (like Ernie's rubber duckie) and do tend to have his laugh.  

Bert and Ernie.  Not too long ago, it was Cam and Mitchell.  I wonder what pair would be matched up to us next?

Here's something from Avenue Q, set to the video images of Bert and Ernie:

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