Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sietch Life: A Plan In-Progress

I suspected something was up given the increased animal activity at the Sietch recently. But I wasn't quite expecting this.

On the one hand, I found this on the dining table:

And this is easily explained. Because of my complex plan to ensure we could reserve tickets for Cinemalaya this weekend, I had told Tobie that I would be home late. True enough I arrived at the house at around 12 noon, which is more than two hours later than my usual time. So clearly Baboy and Tiger we waiting for me to get home.

But as for the rest of the kids:

I didn't quite understand what they were up to. For a moment I was afraid that they were trying to trap me for Tobie the moment I got home. But then there was a different side to things that I hadn't noticed before:

They're after my plushie Soundwave. And I fear that Croakey AND Duck are working together this time.

Oh dear.


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