Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Take a Dive Into Your Baduy Side

It can be embarrassing.
It can be revealing.
It can be scary.  It can be fun.
It can be totally against how you've always known yourself to be.

It can be unthinkable.
It can be amusing.
It can seem derivative, or unoriginal, and most likely
someone out there in the world HAS done something like it before.

But when it comes to being baduy
and celebrating how baduy you can get,
sometimes all you have to do is stop worrying too much
over the details that do not matter.

Being baduy is doing something you just want to do for the one you love
no matter now strange, wrong, inappropriate, uncharacteristic,
stupid, cheesy, or absolutely embarrassing it can be for you
because you know the other person
would not only appreciate it,
and would never forget you did it,
but would get why you did it.

And in the end, regardless of how the world around you reacts,
or judges, or retorts, or ignores you,
you know what matters is
you and the one you love are happy.

There is never a good reason to be ashamed to show how happy your partner makes you feel.

To be honest, I do still feel some fear about having this joint blog finally out there.  Part of me knows there will be naysayers and haters who will complain or make fun of the stuff Rocky and I will be sharing.  There will be those who won't agree with what we say.  There will be those who will argue against what we feel was funny. Or right.  Or worth celebrating.  There will also be those who will love the blog.  Who will be entertained to read the craziness recorded in our updates.  Maybe even a few who will be inspired to not settle for just good enough.  Who will be encouraged to search for the other person who will make them as happy as we are, if not even more.

But like I said above.
Everyone can react the way they want to.
I just want to celebrate how happy Rocky makes me.   (and share how I much I try to make him the happiest man on Earth every single day)  And this site will be sort of our online journal of this adventure we call our living the rest of our lives together.

Welcome to Baduy Pride!


  1. Wow... makulay, ang buhay... daig pa ang sinabawang gulay! Ang colorful ng new blog ha! Good luck on your joint venture!

  2. " Part of me knows there will be naysayers and haters who will complain or make fun of the stuff Rocky and I will be sharing."

    nah. I won't be part of that roster, no matter how snarky I can be. I love you guys too much. harhar.

    Though unti-unti na kong nai-immune sa kagat ng mga hukbong guyam mula paglalansa sa pg4m.

  3. Tee hee, thanks Lanchie. Your support is definitely valued. =)


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